Squirt Guns for sale

Almost every kid played with squirt guns when they were kids. A few decades ago, squirt guns were small hand held water “pistols” that were made of brightly colored plastic. They could hold a small amount of water and had to be refilled quite often. When the kids who played with these toys grew up, they decided to fix the problems they’d had as children. Water guns like the super soaker were born: a water gun that can hold lots of water and almost never needs to be refilled. Tank size has grown, the variety of gun models has increased and water fights are more intense than they have ever been!

So what are the different types of water guns? There are more models and varieties than we can even begin to count within the confines of a short article. In this article we will take a look at the most popular types and models of squirt guns that are on the market today.

Water Pistolswater pistol

While there are a lot of fancy and complicated water guns out there to play with, don’t forget about the single, hand held, classic water pistol. This pistol works in much the same way that a spray bottle works. You put the water into the reservoir (usually held within the gun’s grip) and it is then propelled out of the gun by the squeezing of the pistol’s trigger, which pumps the water up through a tub and shoots it out of the barrel of the gun. These toys might seem simple and cheesy, but they are usually what helps win the day in a water fight! After all, it’s hard to sneak up on your opponent when you’re trundling around with a giant reservoir laden super soaker on your back!

Currently the most popular squirt gun on Amazon (as of this writing) is the five inch Neon Squirt Gun. This just goes to prove that you should never discount the efficacy of a classic. These guns are held easily in one hand and use a simple point and shoot philosophy for water play.

Water Bazookas and Machine Gunswater bazooka

These are also known as motorized water guns. This particular squirt gun packs a powerful squirt. This is because the water reservoir is far larger than that found in a water pistol. In fact, usually these guns are large enough that they need the player to use both hands to properly operate the gun. The water reservoir is contained in the piston part of the bazooka which moves back and forth along the gun. This allows you to increase the amount of water that comes out of the gun with every “shot.” To get the gun ready to fire, pull the piston away from the base of the gun. To make the water come out, you push the piston back toward the base. This “pump action” squirt gun is very popular in water fights as you can adjust the duration and “soakability” of a single shot by pushing the piston more slowly or quickly.

Another type of motorized water gun stores the reservoir in the grip of the gun and then shoots the water in short bursts as you hold down the trigger of the gun. It is, essentially, a “squirt machine gun”.

The Toy-smith Splatter Shot Squirt Gun is another incredibly popular squirt gun. This is a pump action squirt gun that can hold up to twenty five ounces of water. It is 17 ¾ inches long which makes it easily usable for older kids. It is important, however, that you do not let younger kids play with this as it contains many small parts that could easily break off if the toy is used incorrectly.

Water Blasterswater blaster

The water blaster style of squirt gun is most popularly known as “the Super Soaker.” Who hasn’t played with a Super Soaker at least once? The Super Soaker uses compressed air to shoot a lot of water a long way. It does this by using a pumping mechanism. As you “pump” your gun, the air builds up inside of the gun, which increases your gun’s water pressure. This particular gun has two water reservoirs. One accepts water into it. After filling the first (and larger) reservoir, begin pumping the gun to move the water along the tubing system to the second reservoir, along with air, which helps to increase the pressure of each shot. After the gun is primed, pull your trigger and have fun soaking your friends!

There are lots of makes and models of each of these different “types” of squirt guns. All of the major children’s toy manufacturers have lines of squirt guns that fit into these categories.

It is important to note that, while the variety of water gun models has increased, very few of them realistically resemble usable firearms. Not only are these water guns made of brightly colored plastic bits, they are usually made is shapes and models that have nothing to do with real firearms. This is done on purpose. Nobody wants a child to mistake a real pistol for a squirt pistol! In fact, the United States and Canada both have laws about which materials can and cannot be used to construct water guns because they want to make it immediately apparent which is real and which is a toy.

It is also important that, if you choose to buy supplies for a water fight, that you choose squirt guns that are age appropriate. Smaller children usually lack the coordination to use the larger water guns, like the motorized and super soaking varieties. For small children, you want to look for squirt guns that don’t contain small pieces. If your water fighters are older, you want to make sure that you choose water guns that match their skill set.

Most of the squirt guns on the market today fall into the major categories discussed in this article. As you choose your water weapons make sure that you choose the weapons that best match your size and skill level...and don’t forget to have fun! out?